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American Tribal Style® classes follow the FatChanceBellyDance® format. All Wild Sky Tribal classes are facilitated by the dancers of our Performance Troupe. If you are interested in private lessons, please contact us through our facebook page to inquire about current private lessons hosted by Elizabeth Len Roland & Joyce Allums. We encourage observation of our advanced levels on Sundays!

You can expect an engaging, fun, supportive, and challenging atmosphere in class. ATS® is a low-impact, weight bearing form of exercise that works with the body’s natural inclinations to strengthen and condition the body. As you progress in your study, not only will you find yourself moving with strength and grace, you will encounter self-discovery, be provided opportunities for self-expression and leadership, and experience a sense of empowerment. 


Introduction to ATS


Level 1

Coming Soon!

This class is designed for those who either have no experience with American Tribal Style® Belly Dance, or prefer a class with extra opportunities to review the movements presented.  Students will follow the instructor as they learn and refine basic ATS® slow and fast movements. The class has plenty of review built in, therefore you may drop in this class at any time. Students should wear yoga pants and a comfortable tee shirt, or they may wear tribal costuming pieces. Students may progress to Level 1 at their own discretion.

Tuesday in Arlington 7-8 PM

Level 1 classes are for students who have been introduced to and feel comfortable with the basic vocabulary of ATS® . The focus of this class includes: the ATS® aesthetic, an expanded vocabulary, formations (duets, trios, and quartets), improvisational choreography and the fundamentals of zills. Students will become increasingly comfortable with the controlled chaos of an ATS® set by integrating lead and follow drills. Students will need a set of zills by the third week of class, but are welcome to bring them to the first class. This is a twelve week series.

Students may wish to purchase the Tribal Basics Volume 1 (Fundamentals of Dance) and Tribal Basics Volume 4 (Embellishments and Variations) DVDs to assist during personal practice.  Purchase of these items is not required to participate in class.  Students may also want to integrate the following FCBD® YouTube drills into their practice: #3, 7, and 8 (found here).  You can access the FCBD® class format here.

Zills are available online at the FCBD® store, at Saroyan Mastercrafts, or on Ebay.  


Level 2


Level 3

Tuesday in Arlington 8-9 PM

Students progressing to Level 2 classes must have the permission of the instructor.  The criteria for promotion is a demonstrated proficiency of Level 1 skills.  Level 2 is designed to provide more complex dance moves and combinations, and increase proficiency with zilling and improvisational choreography skills. Level 1 movements are reinforced, but not taught, in this class.  This is a 12 week series.

Students will engage in lead and follow drills each week following the instruction of the new vocabulary.  During this time, students should practice their entire vocabulary as appropriate, and continue integrating basic fades, using options when turning the wheel, and integrating dancing facing inward to their circle.  Zills will continue to be utilized.

Students may wish to purchase the Tribal Basics Volume 1 (Fundamentals of Dance), Tribal Basics Volume 4 (Embellishments and Variations) and Tribal Basics Volume 7 (Creative Steps and Combinations) DVDs to assist during personal practice.  Purchase of these items is not required to participate in class.   Students will want to integrate the following FCBD® YouTube drills into their practice: #1, 3, 7, 8 and 11 (found here). You can access the class format here.

Sunday Classes (Location TBD) 1-2 PM

For graduates of Level 1 & 2. 

Payment Information

Level series classes are $180 for the 12 week series, or $60 per month. Classes may also be taken at a drop in rate of $20 per class. 

For additional dance time, add a drill pass to attend other levels* for $20/month

*Drill passes may be used to attend a class series that is lower than the series you register for.

Please contact us for current schedule and location or see our facebook page for details. 

All class and workshop payments shall be remitted through Paypal to: wildskytribal@gmail.com.  Registrants should include their name, phone number, session title, and location in the notes section.

Performance Troupe

Dues are $30 monthly.  PT members will also have the option to lock in discounted rates by prepaying four annual payments of $82.50 each (good for 3 months), two annual payments of $150 each (good for 6 months) or one annual payment of $270 (good for 12 months).

*Performance Troupe members of Wild Sky that are current on dues will be entitled to participate in ONE workshop when offered. Additional workshops can be taken for the deeply discounted rate of $10 per class.

Additional Information

WST Members are offering additional practices Thursday evening, 7-8 PM in Arlington.